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Highly Respected Professional Association for Alpine Teachers

Alpine Education Association UniServ in Pl. Grove, Utah, is a professional association and union for educators who stand together for a common cause—to promote a positive environment for successful public education in the Alpine School District. The Association is only as strong as it's members. As educators, we must take an active role—no one else cares as much about our students, profession, and needs, as we do.

Excellence in the Education Profession

At our association, we advocate the pursuit of excellence in the education profession. We are a highly respected organization with hardworking advocates promoting the highest standards and ethics. We promote professionalism by conducting leadership workshops and trainings.

Voice of Educators

When you join us, you effect real change that benefits the profession. We act as the voice of educators, tracking education policy, and working on behalf of public school educators to lobby policy makers to invest in public schools.

Quality Education

Not only do we care about teachers' welfare, we are also advocates for students. Our organization promotes quality public schools, quality teachers, and modern up-to-date learning tools, and smaller class sizes, so teachers can spend one-on-one time with students.


Our association fights for the rights of all members. As a member, we defend and ensure your right to due process. We also negotiate better conditions for educators and intervene with administrators when warranted.

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