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                             Teachers Association Promoting Exceptional

                            Public Education in the Alpine School District

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Why Join AEA

The Alpine Education Association is only as good as your involvement. Be a part of our professional association for teachers and encourage peers to serve on committees and unite to strengthen education.


Aside from the support you'll get from people with the same profession as yours, joining our organization entitles you to many benefits. Check out the perks and discounts our members enjoy.

Board Members

Don't hesitate to contact us or any of our board members when you have any concerns. Our professionals are always ready to help. 


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Who We Are

Alpine Education Association is a large teachers association based in Pleasant Grove, UT. For more than 40 years, we have been supporting and serving educators in the largest district to always make sure they have legal support and a voice in the instance they are accused of anything. At AEA, we believe a unified voice has the capacity to influence reform and progress. Join us now and enjoy the many benefits our members enjoy. 

Mission Statement:

To provide progressive leadership, encourage member involvement, and promote a positive environment for public education by protecting and advancing member welfare through political activity, community collaboration, and the recognition of an individual's worth and right to quality education

Contact us in Pleasant Grove, Utah, for a teachers union that champions quality education and the welfare of educators.

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